Hacking is not something which we are unfamiliar with. Computer and network hackers literally pride themselves on the technical knowledge they have and use the loopholes in a network’s defense. This is why the services of better network security companies like www.bluecatnetworks.com should always be used to begin with.

Let’s have a look at 5 of the all time biggest network hacks:

1. Target’s 1,797 Stores in The United States Were Hacked

In November 2013, Every single one of 1797 stores of Target were hacked and this led to the theft of around 40 million customer’s credit card details.

Not just that, around 70 million addresses of individuals, contact details, names were the part of this grand cyber theft.

The hackers somehow installed a malware in Target’s DNS systems which enabled them to store credit card details every time a transaction was made.

2. Sony Playstation Network Intrusion


Approximately 77 Million accounts of Playstation users were hacked with all the personal information.

In order to encounter with this situation, around 95,000 user accounts were locked out by Sony.

The playstation network went offline for 23 days resulting in the loss of $171 million. Sony was excessively criticized for their security system lapse.

3. Ashley Madison Hack


Ashley Madison is a dating site which is specifically for cheating on your spouses. In july 2015, hackers of unknown group hacked the entire database of millions of registered users in Ashley Madison Site.

They have leaked around 26 GB of extremely personal data with in-depth user details which led to public shaming of those who were registered on this cheating site.

Ashley Madison is being sued for a cumulative amount of 170 million dollar by the users whose data were hacked and then leaked.

4. Albert Gonzalez –  THE HACKER

Albert Gonzalez masterminded the biggest credit card theft which accounted for approximately 170 million credit cards and also, ATM numbers.

His team used SQL injection and hacked many corporate systems. ARP Spoofing was conducted to get the credit card numbers from their internal systems.

5. T.J. Max And Marshalls Hacking


Around 45 Million credit card and debit card details were hacked from T.J. Max and Marshalls DNS network.

According to the spokesperson from one of the affected companies, the extent of the break remained unknown. The hacking was a continuous process of around 3 years before companies detected unusual activities in their network.

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