Top 5 Computer Hacking Incidents Which Top The All Time List

Hacking is not something which we are unfamiliar with. Computer and network hackers literally pride themselves on the technical knowledge they have and use the loopholes in a network's defense. Let's have a look at 5 of the all time biggest hacks which could have been avoided if the services of were used: » Details

How DNS Works in Computer Networking

Are you running a network of over two computers over a public network? Then you must be aware of the Domain Name System (DNS) and how it translates IP addresses into Internet domains and hostnames and vice versa. Additional resources can be found at » Details

Threats That Require DNS Security

The Domain Name System, also known as DNS, is used billions of times every single day. In the business world, it is a huge and important part of a company‚Äôs digital identity. Just like any technology, there is always a risk to DNS, especially because it is always on. As a result, it often goes overlooked. However, it is important to use DNS security against a few common threats that can compromise it. » Details

Rapid Development for DNS Firewalls

Recent increases in cybercrime rates mean that information security is getting more important every day. Things that were optional just a few years ago are rapidly becoming mandatory, which is why new technologies are being developed every day. Government agencies are also starting to get involved in the process. The Government Communications Headquarters of the United Kingdom, or GCHQ, is working towards the adoption of a national dns firewall for all of Britain. » Details

Why a DNS Firewall is of Uttermost Importance

Basic DNS resolvers play the role of gateways between an organization and the rest of the universe. Proprietary information, communications, and private data belonging to customers might be jeopardized if a user connects to a malicious location thanks to a dns firewall resolver. » Details