Time tracking software are important as they help both the managers and employees to record various operations, worked hours for billing, and payrolls. They also provide useful insights on operations. The following features will help in choosing the right employee timesheet software.

1. Period tracking

The core function of this is to capture the real time used to work and record it on the timesheet. The period sheet then bills the client and accurately calculates the payroll. This will help you visualize tasks in a given timeline ad help manager to estimate completion dates and datelines.

2. Project management

This features will help you to group tasks and set datelines of different projects by priorities. Period tracking system can have an integrated project management system or one that is lightweight. The progress of a project can be tracked either on daily basis, weekly or monthly on a period sheet. They also help in setting the project’s budget which can cut down on the costs.

3. Online timesheet

It is used to centralize all recorded billable hours. Absenteeism, holidays, and period off within the company can also be tracked by this sheet. It is normally exported to the PDF or CSV which is used for involving or payroll. Not all period tracking systems have it.

4. online invoicing

This tracks all the period used accurately and generates billing automatically. This is done basing on the billable time and rates. Invoicing of clients is done with accuracy and transparency hence no disputes. It can also be a greater time saver for small businesses since it can automate wage calculations. The employees are only required to cock in or out and their period is captured on a period sheet which then reflects on the payroll. It is a must-have especially for companies that bill their clients by hour or minutes.

5. User management

It is a feature that will allow you to create groups as well as manage the users by team. Through it, you will assign tasks or generate reports in groups. You can also delegate duties as the team leader. It uses permission for different users for instance, the admin, staff, and manager to manage it.

6. Alerts

It is crucial in sending out notifications to users and employees. For instance, in case the employees have forgotten to check in or out, they can be sent a reminder. As a manager, this will give you an advance warning in case the team is falling behind schedule. This will help you offer an immediate solution.

Period tracking systems have vast and variant features which ought to be understood by both managers and employees to increase their work efficiency and output.

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