If you want to get more out of your workers, there are a number of things you can do. one of the best ways is to track how much they’re working and when. From this, you can derive a number of benefits by using the info in the following ways:

1. Morning Check Ins

Using a timesheet in the morning the old fashioned way, with paper, is not going to work anymore. Workers don’t want to deal with real paper. They want the convenience of logging in from their smart phone or computer. Besides, everyone is already on these devices anyway. It also reduces the chances of errors being made or the machine going out. By having a backup source of the data, you don’t need to put the safety of the clocking in and clocking out info in the hands of part time employees or others who you don’t fully trust with it.

2. Evening Reviews

At the end of each work day, you can use tracking software to add meaning and insight to your reviews. Perhaps you want to see what accounting is doing during the day. Maybe you need to see if the sales department is coming in at the right times. Whatever your aims, you can conduct more deep reviews with the right tech.

3. Performance Evaluation

Previously, you had to guess when it came to who was performing. Now, you don’t have to. You can look at big projects in reverse and see who showed up the longest and for how long. Maybe a new programmer or designer was putting in extra hours that got a key client’s proposal done. Now you can reward them for their efforts easily.

4. Big Data

You can use the information you get with time tracking software for larger visions. With the scalability of this software, the applications are endless. Whether you want to plug in the timing into big KPIs from corporate leaders or simply brainstorm, you aren’t limited anymore to paper and pens, you have digital technology at your fingertips.

5. Allocate Resources

A business must be diligent with how they invest in their resources. If they spend unwisely on certain areas and neglect others, they’ll lose chances to win when the window for success was open. Luckily, you can now invest your money better and hire the right people because your information is better. The key is having access to it when you need it.

The ability to track your employees or contractors and see how productive they are is crucial to success. If you ignore the software and resources at your disposal, your competition will use them instead. So use the tips above and start getting more out of your workforce today.

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