If you’ve ever seen the timesheet slips that factories used to have around for every employee and contractor, then you know how outdated and annoying they can be. Not only do they waste resources but they’re not efficient. However, when you start using employee time tracking software there are some major mistakes to avoid if you want to create long term success with this strategy:

1. Ignoring It

First of all, the biggest mistake of them all is to completely ignore the value of the tracking apps that have come out in recent years. Not only will other businesses in your industry be using them, but you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot if you don’t.

There are two times when you’re going to use this technology: now, or after everyone else already started using it and you finally decided to get with the program. Understand that when you know how long employees are spending on various tasks you create less waste and more profit for your business.

2. Jumping in Too Soon

When you first start using new employee timesheet software, you might be tempted to use all the data you see immediately. Resist this temptation. You need to let it collect for a bit before you’ll have something meaningful. For example, you might notice that one employee didn’t contribute to a project. Before firing them, you could find out that they were sick that week. The key of this game is patience.

3. Not Using if For Bigger Pictures

While it’s a mistake to act to soon, it’s also bad to wait too long to use the data you’re seeing. When you log in on your dashboard and can understand which departments have the most productivity, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t act on it. So don’t worry about shaking things up: when your instinct says to create new initiatives, go for it.

4. Not Allocating Resources

The key in any business is to take your resources and put them to the best use. If you don’t reallocate resources after finding out what makes the most profit, your competition will take your customers from you.

5. Taking Their Word For It

Employees don’t try to lie. They are emotional people though, like everyone. So if they say they clocked in at a certain time, trust the software. Numbers don’t lie.

Time is the new version of gold in today’s busy digital world, in which we barely have enough moments to get a bite to eat on some work days. If you feel overwhelmed by time management, you don’t have to. You can keep an eye on what your workers are doing and win the day by using the data in powerful new contexts.

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