We have all spent time as managers trying to get employees to give us more bang for the buck. When we use time tracking software, we can help employees to regulate their own productivity and keep them accountable to their boss (which is us) for performance. Having an employee time tracking software that is based on a computer or mobile device ensures that employees can track their activities wherever they go. Here are 4 tips for getting employees more motivated with this software:

1. Set performance goals. 

When employees are going to inveest in clocking in and recording their activities using your monitoring software, they should be pointed to which goals they are working on. Are you just concerned with their attendance? Are you concerned with how much they work on each goal or project? If you have too few goals, then personnel may have too much downtime. If you have too many goals, then employees won’t know where to focus their efforts.

2. Celebrate achievements. 

Every employee will be capable of giving a different level of performance based on her current assignment, level of skills and training, and tenure with the company. As a manager, it’s easy to create ways to celebrate employee achievements that are individual and collective, allowing recognition for people who improve their own performance, not just in comparison to their colleagues. When you review an employee timesheet, you should especially reward people who have never been early or late or failed to complete their assigned daily tasks.

3. Provide corrective feedback that employees request.

If you’ve ever coached athletics, then you know it’s possible for an athlete to practice a motion the wrong way. If he keeps doing it wrong, then he will get the same result. He will not be able to achieve the desired action, such as hitting a ball far enough to clear the fence and score a home run. Schedule a session when you can observe the employee performing the difficult task.

4. Regularly Review performance

Look for patterns in productivity software in which employees are not performing according to expectations or could better invest their efforts for faster results. You have to show them how to do things more efficiently or effectively, not just monitor their progress.

As a manager, you are an important resource for all of the people who work under you. It helps to show how this kind of software is aimed at accountability but also helps employees to show how they are meeting their individual performance objectives. People with high intrinsic motivation will find it easy to succeed because they will track their own progress. People with lower intrinsic motivation will be more motivated by the fact that you are checking their productivity reports. They will be likely to give a greater effort if you help them with corrective feedback, including suggestions for how to complete the most difficult tasks in shorter spans. We have more ideas on making the most of this software for increasing the productivity of individuals and teams.

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